Trust ?


“With your profession, have u been cheated by anyone?”
“Oh yes, a lot”
“Does that make you lose trust on people ?”
“Trust? I have no trust to lose :))”
“Trust is for stupid people. I mean okay you can sense when you meet someone honest, but that doesn’t mean you can trust them”

I was struck by his words. In front of me is a young person who has been trading in a lot of countries and maybe his experiences have taught him this philosophy which now become a fixed mental state.

In a way, that makes sense. Rationally speaking, people are unpredictable. I am unreliable, unpredictable and spontaneous like hell. By reading people to be able to trust them, you gotta understand the strong drive and motivations lurking behind their words and actions. Those things are not clear, most of the time. We read people wrongly most of the time. So what’s the point of losing mental energy in using such a precious thing as trust to be exhausted later?

On the other hand, I feel this is such a pity. To be able to trust and being naive is beautiful. It feeds expectations and great dreams which motivate us to really go out of our way and do something incredible. It’s stupid, yet lively and lovely at the same time. The more experiences and older we get with time, the more we tend to be conservative since our belief on such matters start to solidify. And it’s a huge pity.

I do trust.  Some times it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. A gambling on human minds.

Just get in the game, be naive and vulnerable and get hurt sometimes. Yes I’d rather feel that way.


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