Parental Sacrifice

“Hey Frank if you keep carrying Emily like this you would not be able to walk in two days”

Simone tells her husband. He looks painful, overweight, with the knees trembling a bit.

Reluctantly they look around. People all undertand her hidden message, and no one utters a word.

So as a guide I step out and “volunteer” to have the little girl behind my back. With the professional, fake, well-trained smile,I keep walking with my clients for 1 hour in the cave, as cheerfully as I can pretend. A mix of emotions from both sides: bit of guilt, relief, appreciation, endurance, and happiness.

When we finish and I hand Emily over to her dad, seeing her wake up and cry in her dad’s arms, with another 1-year-old baby to carry, I can’t stop thinking

“We have always been a burden to our parents since we were born, and yet, with that unconditional love, what have we done to return?”

Parental Sacrifice. Like stream to river, river to ocean, an unconditional current of love that never ends, and never flows back.



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