Gary, Pete & “why” series

The meeting with Pete & Gary today started and ended with a lot of “wh-” questions.

At the dining place in Tong Duy Tan food street

Gary: “Why don’t you eat this noodle?”
Me: “Because I don’t like it”
Gary: “Why don’t you like it?”
Me: “Hey, why do you always ask why?”
Gary: “How do I know better if I don’t ? Everybody just say “I like it” or “I don’t like it”. It’s too general, you know”
Me: “Okay, I don’t eat this since it is too familiar to me”
Gary: “Okay got it”

Gary and Pete have been working in sales of information database for years. The process of communicating to persuade people and finding out solutions for complex problems has pushed them to “get to the root of everything”.

Overused, it becomes probing.

Yet it’s true, every one needs a reasonable dose of self-awareness.

Asking “why” probably should be the start of everything.

Before doing anything, ask yourself “Why do you do it?”, then proceed with the “how”

You can always come back to add up, edit or even erase all initial reasons based on your constantly evolving values and perceptions about the world.

Asking “why” probably is the root of self-awareness. Yet it is definitely not easy. What we want or define as “true self” is highly contextual and affected by all environment surround us.

However, I truly believe we all have something inside which attracts and analyzes all matters coming towards our lives. Different people name it differently: “the secret”, “the law of attraction”, etc. Whatever.

I call it “personal filter”

Lifehacker today shares one article which discusses about this. The term maybe a fad, yet the quest to reach authenticity or finding true self will never be outdated.


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