Some cool bloggers out there

I read like crazy recently.

It’s not that suddenly I crave for knowledge or become an avid reader. Both are great, but the real reason is not that glittering: I feel helpless and frustrated, and I hope those books and articles can give me some advice, directions which lead to good actions to take. The ones who keep reading self-help all the time are likely to be losers. Simply said, content human beings are busy living their lives and creating instead of asking “What should I do?”. If they actually do, they read with a less frequency and don’t seek for “quick-fix”.

However, out of numerous shit out there, it pays off to take time and choose some worthwhile pieces to consume. To me, a great content should be expressed in a friendly and down-to-earth way.

If an author can’t sit down beside you and talk his things to you just like friends, then maybe that kind of thing should be thrown away.

The ones who give me such feeling and turn me to their loyal readers are


American, business freelancer, podcast makers

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Freelancer. He gives good content about business, freelancing, motivation. I subscribed to him and was blown away with short and to-the-point newsletter most of the time. Guess? He is Medium too and you can find some of his great articles there.

Now I am reading his article about motivation versus action. Everyone knows motivation alone is NOT enough to take actions. I find it true especially in writing. The drive really comes in the process of writing and editing (action phase), not necessarily when you feel like to start (motivation phase).

See how Paul elaborates it and analyze if it rings true to you too.


Canadian, meditator, mindfulness coach

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A blog with an ambitious goal: to discuss big philosophy subjects and help people ask big questions. His topics range from ego, default lifestyle to best psychology books to read. I was strongly touched by his candor post about ego in which he approaches our so-called self-image. He leads us in a imaginary tour back in time starting from when we are new-born babies and gradually perceive the world. Visual, specific and to-the-point.

The blog interface is very ugly though. I seriously think he should hire a designer. Even I can make it look better ha ha. Nevertheless, David’s site is a great example for the rise of purely good content.


American, creative writer


I got to know Paul Jun on an evening while  searching for the correlation between writing and mind clarity. I was strongly hit by his article: clear, articulate writing with a modest tone.

That post leads me further to Motivatedmastery, Paul’s website about various ranges of topics: creativity, history, philosophy, psychology and science. Heaps of content beautifully presented in a simple and clear interface.

The road to explore Paul just started.

This list of beloved bloggers will be updated over time.

New member 

World traveler. Talks about culture observations.

(save here to review when I dig deeper. A thought of “Why are Americans so fake” led me to him 😉 )

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