Do more with less – Pomodoro system


Recently I asked my boss if I can work in a cafe. I told them

“I feel very lazy in the office. I need tasks done in a suitable environment”.

I feel being trapped in a space I have no choice over within a timeline I have no choice over. I know, you would not want an employee like that. Anyway, I asked and eventually got what I wanted.

What happened next is that I spend time & money in several cafes still feeling unproductive. However the pressure from my own promise accelarated my working pace.

Now I am coming back to office and FB-ing, he he, just kidding. I just realized that what crucial to getting things done is more about mental state than space. To do that we don’t need fancy time management tools. We need something easy to understand and flexible to adapt.

Below is an excerpt from the book “Pomodoro technique illustrated” which I found out originally from a post in 


Pomodoro is a technique like that which explores how we can practice single-tasking in a crazy multi-tasking world. Do you know that actually Pomorodo is just a mispronunciation of “Tomato”? But forget about that stupid etymology then we can enjoy the journey ahead. What motivated the author to write the book, why the name pomodoro, what are the psychology boost or obstacle in implementing it . Most importantly, Why single-tasking?

By starting to use Pomodoro I am feeling very calm in office. There are many things to do, yet having a certain clear track of what I am doing sets me in a control state. As you know, control or autonomy is a super important factor in drive (autonomy, mastery, purpose). Of course there are some frantic times when a very urgent task requires you to do immediately, but most of the time, we have control over what is the most important thing to do, one thing at a time.

The journey to explore the book and really integrate the method (or better put, single tasking mindset) to work-life just started.



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