Who cares about you ?

Here I am, in bed, music on, clothes off, fan on, the cute little animal from Sai’s Flickr link makes up such a warm nest for an evening.

The desire to write down all the emotions from today’s incidents keeps lingering in my mind. I am afraid what if everyday is like this, how can I keep calm? I mean, I need to wind off my unreasonable flame somehow, right? #>#

On the other hand, I am well aware that fresh emotions and feelings can vanish as fast as thin air, and if one hour of writing can capture them in a “word cage”, then why not?

While I am writing this, sister Huyen (our colleague in T.H.B.C) just posted some pictures on FB. As usual I just look at my face and start to criticize:

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Oh, I look so fat in the picture!

Oh my gosh, my clothes look so sleazy!

What a messy hair I have!

Yet suddenly I can relate how Lai and Huyen are also looking at the pictures and criticizing themselves as I do. I recall how Lai kept escaping camera in spite of me saying “Hey you look cool man, come on” (which is my sincere impression).

Suddenly I feel things are so ridiculous =)))

Actually, who cares?

If nobody spots on you in a picture which features many, then why do you need to be insecure? In the end the point is to get a memory of us having a valuable moment accompanying each other, and if the photos did capture real moments, then there is no need for them (for us) to appear as perfect.

We did get to a hard-to-seek lane with a wonderful meal and shared intimate stories out of work.

Me and Lai ended up riding back in the same way with open-minded conversations and sharings.

The film about John Lenon that we intended to go tonight was out of seat, and hell ya, because of that we have several spare hours to rest at night ☺

To put on top of that, the conversation with Guim today truly opened my eyes regarding how difficult it is to be a boss and keep a machine working smoothly.

How better can it be on a rainy day in Hanoi ? 😉


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