Deadlines matter

This is meant for myself (and other immature “adults”), a deadline failure and excitement/ distraction-prone expert. For those who deserted me b.c of this you know this too well. But no harm in sharing ^^.

I asked a friend of mine once “Hey why do you need to set new year resolutions? You don’t achieve most of them anyway, a meaningless burden!” (Actually the later two sentences I kept for myself wink emoticon, I am not that blunt <yet> )

Yet looking back people who do actually achieve more than those don’t $>$. Crossing just a few things off the long wish list is much better than having no list to even reflect. Radar is off so nothing is seen and done. No pressure may lead to floating mode? And self-irresponsibility?

On the other hand, standing up with burning motivation, hands up shouting “Yeah I can do it!” will not help either. The balloon is thin, full of hot air and will burst out of a sudden.

Work In Progress mode is uncertainty mode hence it feels so uneasy, yet wait until the time is perfect just to find motivation is dead. Such a vicious circle. Gotta be aware @>#



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