Feeling lonely in a close-knit community.


These days I spend time with no plan, doing nothing. Just randomly reading, enjoying, feeling, writing. With numerous worries draining for quite a while, I decide to just let loose and see where this paralysis will lead me. Cut myself of face-to-face interactions with friends and families for quite a while, I throw myself in a massive bubble of questions.

Yesterday I came across a  website called “Beautiful mind Vietnam“. Set up by a Vietnamese currently living in Singapore with support teams of youngsters from 19 to 25 year-old, the site tries to provide a good base of psychology knowledge to Vietnamese people, the ones who don’t master enough English to access sites such as psychologytoday.  And I can feel the sharing demand is like a big wave, coming gradually stronger that the consultant team can’t handle.


Reading the site, I was touched. Sites like this need support and expansion. In a  society like Vietnam, even though we seem to be close-knit, most of us don’t dare sharing dark sites/ secrets to others. In the meantime, gathering and social meet-ups likely trigger jealousy, comparison and self-pressure. We don’t dare to share since we don’t trust each other. Meet-ups which on the surface roam “We are okay and happy” can’t make up for the turbulent emotion storm inside us.

Over time, due to lack of trust and sharing and the lack of effort to express, depression will come sooner or later, in different levels.

Ironically, even though the need to feel belonged is obvious, we will feel lonely in crowds gradually. A social comedy.

After a few years if would be interesting if they use the data they gather to draw some conclusions about Vietnam society, emotion crisis of youngsters or such things.

P/S: After reading some posts, you’re gonna realize that these posts are translations (probably from original post of the counselor from Singapore). Most of examples used in the sites are taken from books written by Western authors.

Therefore, even though issues mentioned are universal, we would have difficulty relating, not only due to language barrier but also social cue relation.


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