Rushing for what?


Friends who are fluent in 3 or 4 languages, relatives who keep succeeding in literally everything they do, 23-year-old girls who are not satisfied with being a world traveler and serial entrepreneur (yet).

Comparison by looking up and feeling inferior is just like stepping to a battle you know you can’t win.

If our age grows along with ambition and expectations, we will just suffer. Saying that doesn’t mean we should be just satisfied with whomever we are, be mediocre and stop trying, yet keep rushing and comparing is just so ridiculous. A rat race in which the rat has no idea where he is going or racing for.

People are limited. Physically, emotionally, intellectually. Accept that and work on what we can control.

I remember the China’s got talent show I watched recently, in which a dancer claimed

“My purpose is to be the best dancer. To be remembered. US has Michael Jackson, China has (his name)”

Seriously, for what, man? People will forget you anyway. Your purpose depends on people’s appreciation, something so fickle.


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On a side thought, What if the “23” number is changed to “33” ?

Will it change the whole article?

Recently my uncle called me and said

“You are already 24 with nearly nothing in your hands, you better worry and rush”

And even though he is my uncle, whose blood as a connection and who is taking time trying to improve me , I can’t keep wondering:

At whatever age, what are you rushing for? By rushing you stop being now just to look forward to the future which may or may not turn out the way you plan.”

Wanted to ask him so. Didn’t dare. Instead, I just kept that question for myself.


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