The stars will align

Written as a FB note on 23rd September, 2015
I found out Minh’s online presence through another blog of Nguyen Hoang Mien, founder of Hanoi Grapevine. At that time it was just an article where he shared his experiences as a long-term expat to encourage Viet-kieus to come back and stay in Vietnam. It stopped there. He was an interesting, devoting Viet-kieu, that’s it.
Until today when I kept digging blogs again and was stunned by this sentence
“By November 2012, the stars aligned again.”
Minh was having a stable job at that time with a boss he respected, and he got invited to a blog conference. When the flight was delayed, he used that time to write a resignation letter. That’s it. Empty pocket again, with a pure belief that the decision will pay off in the future. He did struggle for nearly a year and did whatever to survive, to realize later that “By November 2012, the stars aligned again”
It silenced me for a moment. To me, it was no different than the well-known quote of Steve Jobs in his commencement speech which now becomes a slogan “Connecting the dots”. Yes, believe that the dots or the stars will align someday, and don’t worry since you just can’t see the whole picture yet. That comprises all uncertainty, risks and excitement altogether. Some get to the end just to realize that maybe that the picture just didn’t match their expectations, but most don’t regret the journey.
At the moment I am on the way to be 24-year-old girl. No degree, lots of stupid adventures, impulsive as hell, not knowing where my future will lead. Well quite similar with other people so to speak. Yet as universal as it sounds, it is so personal at the same time that it hurts us so much inside. And I ask myself damn a lot of time
“When will this end? when will stability and sustainability appear?”
And today I just came to terms with the fact that there might be no such thing, yet the belief that the stars will align in the end is just a relief. I recall my brother told me just yesterday that a close friend of us just quit his job to focus on the tour company that he has invested time and efforts in two years with not much in return. I was surprised, and relieved at the same time. It may be not practical, it may not pay off, but hey so what?
Brother anyone can replace what you are doing, but no one can enjoy your dreams for you.
Cheesy as it sounds, but I wish I can say that to myself.

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