Law of attraction: be yourself

Do you know why guitarists or photographers can attract a lot of girls?

They seem to be self-assured, whether being true or not. The fact is those same guitarists or photographers may be assholes or just super boring people once stepping out of their expertise.

The are attractive because they have a specific taste.

They look attractive when being totally immersed and got carried away in their performance.

I have always been attracted by people who seem weird or different.

Actually, most of us probably do. They vary vastly in appearance, gender, career, hobbies. Some are in their 20s, some 30s, some 60s. Some look highly fashionable and outstanding, some just look boring and plain. Some are health maniacs, some smoke and drink like  alcoholics. Some are contended being in their little corner the whole life, some must conquer the world to be fulfilled.

Those people can be successful or not if examined by social standards, and yet they don’t care. Social acceptance and appreciation, though essential, still rank secondary below personal compass.

The common trait: all are self-assured, modest yet confident. All have some personal values to live in accordance. They don’t live their lives trying to prove anything to anyone, and still, super satisfied in their own way.

They say “No” ruthlessly to most of things, because there is a deeper “yes” burning inside.

So in the end, it’s not the lifestyle that make them attractive. It’s not being rebellious (aka trying to be different) either.

When you have your own stand and willing to protect it, you are simply irresistible.



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