My writing rituals


Yep. Doing just that. Read this one year ago and when I dig it again, it turns out I didn’t read properly, at all.

View story at

Now my writing rituals are:

Read. Listen. Observe.

1. Take a pic and/ or write some notes. (I use Evernote to have instant synchronization)
2. Micro blog in Facebook (fast, easy, habit, instant water testing).
3. Get interactions (or force friends to read :))) )
4. Move it to personal blog (word home). Polish words and presentation. The more beautiful it looks, the more inviting the word home is. I will feel like to stay.
5. Delete the post in FB. Develop more candid reflections which FB is not ready to accept.
6. Cross post to a public space (such as Medium). (or force strangers to read) Create publications in Medium.

Done. Let’s see if those writing rituals work and let’s learn from other writers, consistently.


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