Goodread: The 4 agreement

High season. Constant touring can be very tiring. The thought of work drains your mind and make you less exciting. You feel more or less a robot.


Sometimes if u meet a person who seems so calm and content, don’t miss the chance to interact more deeply.

Ask your guests:

1. What are their favorite books?

2. What is the person that have the greatest impact on them?

3. What are their priorities?

After the “what” questions, ask why. Damn the conversations can be so natural and interesting.

With books, read then discuss about it.

I realize that short term interactions may leave long term effect if we know how to approach it. Forget about com & tip (guide’s main concern hahaha), guests can be our great teachers. Remember that they are traveling aka in a relaxed state of mine when sharing is easy and abundant.

In return, try to be more frank. Interesting reactions and more candid talks will come after that.

Hah, I love this question. Okay, this is a book for today, a short book recommended by Keith, USA.

On the way back, when I discussed the book with Keith, he said:

“The most important agreement to me, personally, is “don’t make assumptions”. When you follow this agreement, other agreements flow out naturally.

“Everytime I get confused, I remember 4 steps in the four agreement”.

Review comes later.


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