HCM or Sai Gon – what’s the point?

A map showing a comparison of HN and HCMC, and from then, a never-ending topic of Sai Gon this and Sai Gon that. Many also take pleasure in immersing in a Sai Gon in the past, an elegant and prosperous city that even Singapore ex-president admired before, let’s say “Communism comes and destroys everything”. I am not sure if they really hate HCM now or if they hate themselves.

One claims: “Give our name back !!”, As if the name caries a symbol. A heavy role, poor you, that 6 l-e-t-t-e-r.

It’s gone, men.

So tiring.

Being skeptical is turning your radar to the bad side of things.

Even when those bad things are true, it really distracts our focus.

Our perspective is never complete (objective) anyway, why waste our energy trying to defend them like they are solid facts?

Acknowledge the bad side yet at the same time focus our energy on what we can improve.


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