With or without you


My cousin needs some books. I have many I never read, yet I was lazy. Didn’t send anything. Now he is laying on his bed reading Harry Porter. Me not sending? Doesn’t matter.

A man on the boat needs to learn English. He insists me to give him some lessons. I was tired and arrogant. I said “NO”. I just wanna surround myself with smart people, I hate teaching English.

He is still working hard all day long and spare 1 hour at night to study. I was around but he has apps which are better.

My roommate wants to buy a shoe holder. I thought it was useless. She bought it anyway, and now we can’t live without it.

Realize one thing: if somebody really wants something, they will find a way.

A bit of help along the way may speed up the process. Without it? They still keep going.

Just relate about those people when I myself today found a great WordPress theme. Without resort to my IT friends.



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