A friend of mine posted this a few days ago


That feeling hit me tonight when I was reading an inmail sent from “”, an article named “Unlock freesom by simply using these 4 key areas”. 

Written by a fitness guy, the post shows how to make your personal life more agile and abundant in 4 key areas: health, productivity, possessions and personal growth. (yes, ironic but true: becoming abundant by minimalizing your life)

After all, this must be an article full of insights, gained from years of lifestyle transformation. A journey so powerful and personal to the author, but I can already see some influences from some books I read recently

“7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey


In the classic book written in 1991 by Stephen Covey about personal growth, he spends a big section talking about 4 levels of time management. He divides time into 4 parts (quadrants) and comes to the conclusion that we should spend more time on quadrant II: important but non-urgent tasks. Basically books about setting priorities more or less just clarify this idea.

In this post, Steve is also pointing out the same thing.

The unimportant but seemingly urgent tasks will continue to get in the way unless you give yourself permission to cut them from your most productive time at work to focus on the important.

“How to get 40 hours done in 16,7” by Chris Winfield


Chris Winfield, after reading and trying all methods available to improve productivity, “found out” that the best way to save time is to stop multitasking. To make it clearer, he refers to Pomodoro system and divide time into neat slots of “25 minutes” with 5 or 10 minutes break.

Again, Steve is pointing out the same thing.

Set a timer for 25 minutes and work, followed by 5 minutes of break. Repeat until done.

And I am sure there are many other points which relate or basically the same as other books. Of course this is not a copy, but it is a funny feeling to realize a common thread running through ideas of different authors.

Every year there are hundreds of books, podcasts, blogs which teach us how to improve our lives. With different tones and way of expression, each seems to be the “new solution” leading to a better life. In fact, are there that many?

I believe that there are only some core principles to apply, and it is such a relief to figure out.

I believe that if some information is truly important, we don’t have to make an effort to look for them. It will hit us eventually. Whatever we call them, “thread”, echoes, or like the Steve Jobs cliches “connecting the dots”.

Not updating news is not missing out. Stop buying new books is not starving your brain. Instead, it’s a core filter to let us know what is truly necessary.


By the way, don’t know who Chris Windfield is, but somehow he gets his writings published in some well-known magazines and even cut out a piece related to a tweet with Richard Brandson and thus, makes he “seem worth listening” by utilizing Halo effect 😉




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