Do you take yourself too seriouly? (Transcript)

Hi this is Dr. Gary. I have a question:

Do you take yourself way too seriously?

You know other people do.
And if you are one of the people that do, then what that
means is you are always kinda looking over your shoulder to see
what others people are thinking, always concern about
your behaviors to make sure no one is gonna judge you
in a way that you think is inappropriate.
Taking yourself too seriously can ruin your life
Understand this very important principle:

You have absolutely zero control over what people think, or do

You could be perfect and they could still think ill of you
Or you could be a complete nuthead and they could think
you are complete jade or the coolest thing that ever walks
We see that on Hollywood everyday.
Taking yourself too seriously is kind of a disease of a thought
This very important principle lies true in the fact that
you have absolutely no control over what other people
see, say, or do.
Remember: the way other people see you is through their filter
not yours.
What other people think is pretty much none of your business.
I am going to ask you today to let that go.
Remember: what you think about you is more important
than what other people think about you.
Your opinions of yourself will drive you into correctness more
than what other people are thinking.

Because they are looking through their filters built
upon their lives and their perceptions of reality
And the worst thing is: there is no reality, it all
comes through our filters.

Every person in this earth has a different filter.
So today, quit taking yourself so seriously.
Lighten up, have some fun, and conduct yourself in
appropriate ways so that it’s never a concern to you
If you like you, that’s good enough.

This is Dr.Gary wishing you a great day and we will talk to
you tomorrow.


5/12/2016 – Some thoughts upon rewatching

I am starting to read “Self-reliance” of Emerson. Yet, I have the feeling that I will never understand the book the right way, that the book will just reinforce the illusion of utmost dependence in a turbulent interdependent world where nothing is certain, where all of us depend on each other and affect each other, for better or worse.

A few months ago I was pretty content with the message of a video called “Are you taking yourself too seriously?”. A short video in Youtube featuring a confident guy telling his audience to forget about what everyone thinks since “everyone has their own filter”. This filter can be understood as a lens to see the world and since everyone’s filter is different, people will see you differently. Easy, if you have no fixed image in people’s mind then why care? This idea is easy to grasp but difficult to apply in real life.

But now that message becomes to simple. To really not care what people think about us, at least we should have an idea about who we are. When we are still unsure who we are, we cannot stop looking for affirmation and affections from others. We are not born as rock with a solid formation and predictable content. We change everyday with a never-ending struggle of self-acceptance while still trying to define what that self is.

I am charmed by people who seem so sure of themselves, but there is still that big question in the back of my mind “How can u be?”. The admiration soon turns into suspicion that scares me away.


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