Independence or rebellion?

Found a FB site of a woman born in 1989. She is bold. Vegetarian. Write poems (somehow artistic). Her avatar is a strong man who seem to say “I don’t care what is going on in the world”.

She says “It is deadly important to me to see through my heart and my mind, to be the master of my own will, mind and heart without being affected by the world.”

About to follow. Then a voice says “Wait….”. It sounds beautiful but, sadly, the world doesn’t work that way. All we have right now from music, computer, books , facebook to clothes are all works of people trading off freedom, of affecting each other, in one way or another. When she says “not being affected”, does she refer to “social norms” or simple what she doesn’t like?

Even opinions. Are you sure that your opinions are purely yours? It all starts from what you read, listen and people you interact. An opinion doesn’t pop up out of nowhere. You are not the mastermind of your opinion, sorry. You have somewhat a more informed opinion is because your brain can make the relation to things you consume.

Of course, a person can proactively ask questions and therefore attract better things to improve her life, but the idea of 100% independent self is very unrealistic.

Well, I don’t know. I find it is much more difficult to live with people than just don’t care to “live in your own terms”. It’s easy to have an illusion of being strong and special, especially with so-called “independent women”. The feeling of strength and weakness swing constantly.

Don’t give a damn and do whatever you want? Wait, I can do it too and have done it for 2 years. Because being rebellious is easy, while being responsible is not. If millions of people are rebellious at the same time, are each of them unique?

Living independently is damn easy, while living interdependently is NOT.


P/S: I am not attacking you sis. You are beautiful and everything, but somehow not a model I wanna follow. Not anymore.

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