More time given = less work done


Welcome to my world. The world of self-acclaimed, amateur creative content makers. Or, as my cousin put it, the world of “mental masturbatory”.

I was given a writing project. I said “I don’t wanna be pushed“. The project organizers, whom are most of the cases my good friends, are generous with time and believe that I can nurture ideas and creativity in the meantime. (Congrats, you are dealing with an arrogant amateur)

Yet when I was given autonomy, I let myself loose with all the time & do nothing. The fact is, I think about the projects nearly all-the-time, and yet, do nothing to go ahead.

Procrastination is complicated and deep-rooted.

For example, I am supposed to list a volunteer center in a website. The process should cost merely 15 minutes. No special effect needed, yet I spend half an hour polishing a cover photo. Ooops. When the photo is finished, momentum & motivation is gone. Most of the time what we need is very simple, or as Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp puts it  “We need a judo solution”. I need to write a few words, post a few photos. Done. In 15 minutes. ANYTHING else is extra.


Another time, I was given a task to modify a video with no push. 2 weeks past, no result. Now with a little push & shame, I finish it in a few hours with ease. What a procrastination monster !

Except for corporate jobs, most of the time deadlines are created for no clear reason. And still, a no-reason-deadline is better than an ambiguous duration.

But a certain deadline is better for productivity for sure. I think most of tasks can be finished with much less time given to us, if focus is there. The philosohy behind it is explained clearly in website Timemanagement Ninja


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