1730km. What’s the big deal?


A week later I am gonna move to work in a totally different city of Vietnam – Sai Gon. 1730km away.

Some friends ask me: “Are you excited?”

No, not really. To me Sai Gon is just another city, 1730 km away with 1,5 hour flight to reach. It is accessible and approachable.

I ask myself “Why Sai Gon?”

I’ve been there 3 times. Actually, I don’t like its climate. I don’t fantasize about it being a life-changer or a dynamic opportunity haven.

Almost everything that a person seek in Sai Gon, Hanoi can also provide. 6 years here gave me lots of meaningful exchanges, beautiful experiences, smart people to hang out with, sporty social events to cheer up. People from Sai Gon may carry with them a stereotype about the narrow-minded Hanoians or bad hospitality scene in the North. On the contrary, I can see warmth and charm here. And heaps of opportunities. If you are in Hanoi, or the North in general, you are NOT missing out. ANYTHING.

What I seek in Sai Gon is an illusion. A dope.

Similar to expats swinging themselves in a foreign country to struggle and therefore, transform as a result, I expect the same effect with Sai Gon. That might be the reason of the opposite exodus: many people from the South are also moving North, seeking different experiences.

We are, after all, running all around, but chasing the same thing.




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