Living as walking in a dark jungle

“Only when you get lost can you find yourself”


That article in Medium feed left a strange taste on me and make me can’t help on some contemplating.

I think living is like walking in a dark jungle. Each of us is given a headlight. Some have brighter headlights than the others hence they see more. But our vision is all limited.

Some choose to follow the path taken. Some explore other tracks. But we are still in the jungle, always lost.

The people in a same path gather into one group, pointing to other groups & say “They are crazy”.

The moment we think we find clarity, there comes much more alien things on the way.

Sometimes we stop and just stare at stars. We dream & hope, trying to make sense of the journey.

Yet, at a certain point, we will attain a certain calmness to explore. But some of us will just keep going without any curiosity. Not anymore.

About this topic of lost, I found an echo from Quora about a week later.

“7.  Adult life is about learning to live with ambiguity.  Remember when you thought you’d have it all sorted out by 30?  No.  Whether it be your career, your relationships or your beliefs, you will always question whether you are making the right choices and will have to deal with regret.”







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