Awesome article, as always from raptitude.

Uhmm, maybe not awesome. Aging is more complex than that, especially in a world which worships youth. It’s like running on a treadmill whose ever-increasing speed; eventually, we will be kicked out.

With age, expectations increase. When we are 20-something and stupid, we can use youth as an excuse (yeah, yolo, live while we are young, a stupid slogan considering end of youth as end of life), but when we are 40-onward and still stupid, there is no easy acceptance. Yet, the child whose curiosity and desire to explore still lives inside us, bewildering at what happening out there, amazed yet scared at the change in the blink of an eye.

Which is sad and inevitable for us all. Aging gracefully might not be mission impossible, but definitely will be mission super difficult. I am lucky to witness many senior friends who are fighting hard to age gracefully & healthily.

Which reminds me of the poem by Thai Ba Tan


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