A Lady from the South came to Hanoi selling noodles. Hah already feel that bike early morning, rolling from one corner of the city to the other.

Habit is a wierd thing. That little piece of metal & that little noodle lady used to pop up in my default thoughts every morning.

Not anymore. Current things & people will evaporate the same way in the future.

Or do they? Ahhh I still miss Hanoi. Miss that ease of autonomy. Cafes, friends, hidden corners, west lake, rain. Everything is just a thought away, or 1 hour riding away. Miss being cold enough to crawl under a heavy comfortable blanket & admire your own breath turning to fog form.

Miss riding in the rain just to wake up the next morning wondering why being so stupid, and yet would have done the same again.

But will not miss that dirty river :))). No romance can make up for that.


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