My face your possession

Putting 4 little earrings bought from a weekend market together, I remember my question for a beloved cousin:

– I have thought about face recently. I find it really weird.
– How? What do you mean by that?
– I mean, most of the time we don’t see our face. We only see them in the mirror. We just imagine our face or just don’t think about it at all while talking with others. Our face is for others to look at only. Isn’t it strange?

She kept silent for a moment then replied:

– Right. But think of face or appearance in general as an expression channel. People perceive you via that channel, whether you want it or not. So express it the way you want if you can.

Then Looking back at these 4 earrings. When I wear them these are just 4 tiny pieces of inox tied to my ear buds. I hardly see them. These earrings are for you, most of the time invisible to myself.

They are ultimately yours, my friends. Your visual possession which I carry.


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