“If in New York, this would be insane”

10 minutes away from hotel, Mike told me with a firm voice:

“Can u just drop us here?”

“But your hotel is just 10 minutes away, and we are in the middle of the road”

“It is okay, just drop us here, we will walk to the corner. Or just drop us at the stone over there”

I looked at the street now jammed with cars in rush hour. Hmm. To be clear, it is not an inquiry but more like a request. They seem not to be able to stand another minute of waiting anymore. I am expected to comply, yet I said nothing. They are being unreasonable.

You have never been to New York, haven’t you?

I did not answer. New York? You mean the one on the left or the one on the right? What do you expect?

“Every city has rush hour and traffic jam. Get over it and be more patient”, I thought. But 2 minutes later, sensing something not being right, I turned my head around and asked:

“Why do you say that?”
“Because in New York, it would be insane if people don’t get out of cars in traffic jam in a situation like this. It would be insane to just endure it”

“Why is New York that way? It is just because it is a fast-paced city?”

“No, not really. People will say that to your face if you block their way. It is not meant to be taken personally”
“So the stereotype of rude Newyorkers is not true?”

“It is about efficiency and productivity”

At that moment our car got to the turn, they quickly got out of the car and went away. I just had seconds to stare at efficient and productive people rushing to save 5 minutes of their lives.




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