Just another rejection

I wanna cry. I don’t need more rejection. Where am I going? I have things to solve rather than delving in this.


The Vietnamese Voice just wants the voice that is safe and present a good image of Vietnam. Fuck you all. Fuck your lip services. Fuck your careful submission. Why don’t you just go to Humans of Vietnam and get a story of a humane fisherman instead? A hard working one who strives and have hope for future and happy in simplicity due to his big ignorance about what is going on? You need to represent Vietnam in that Amazon thing, and you want it as your plan.

       Expectations killed me. I poured my heart to you and you just reject it like that. It broke my hope and my self-esteem at a time when it very low, as you can see from my submission. 

Enthusiastic? I hate that word very much by the way. It makes me feel worthless than ever. Because I don’t write it for you in beginning, “praising” it as “enthusiastic” is like denying an ince-cream from a child.

“Oh sister are you thirsty? I have an ice-cream.

Thanks but no thanks babe”


Maybe I am just not suitable. Haiz. I don’t know. Just another rejection in a fragile period that makes me worse off than necessary.

I have two choices though

1. Die in this and never submit anything in the future.

2. See it just as it is – When sb is not suitable, it is not chosen, and it should not hinder why I choose to craft writing, which is more about expression and reflection. Any thing like this is just icing on a cake. Without icing, I still have the cake. The icing is decoration and never the essence of it.


And what’s good? I can always better my writing and connect with writers, both widely and deeply if I want to. I will learn from them for the better.


Screenshot002So I decided to pump swear words to them and….


“In the mean time, it healthy and worth doing to support the growth of any meaningful work”

Maybe the only meaningful work today is complaining, as everyday =)))

COMPLAINING, COMPLAINING, COMPLAINING. U get it? Because the world has enough of positivity, right? So to balance, I decide to taint this beautiful earth with my complaints.


As human beings, we are taught to “not take things personally“. I get it. But do you know that it is damn hard to do so, because we are taught to be less human, we should do things from our hearts, but when bad things happen, do not take things personally.

We are taught to think strong and behave strong. Damn it.


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