First Tinder Experience

So that moment comes. 2AM, and I was still too bored and stuck to sleep. In the afternoon I already rode my bicycle to the park and jumped rope like a pro. I drank the best coconut juice ever. Looking at the mirror, I pat myself on the shoulder, thinking “You look great girl”.

And still here I am, 2 AM, rolling phone, feeling exactly like what Louis told in his hilarious interview that a friend sent me


So I thought “Hmm is there anything I haven’t tried yet?”. Tinder, yeah. For a moment I pity myself “Come on girl, Tinder is for desperate dudes”, but due to my personality, the more sb denies me for anything or the more I deny myself anything, the more I wanna do it.

So I set Tinder up. It required me to connect to Facebook and in a few seconds, a GPS was triggered, scanning people in the vicinity (you can change the area up to 80km, depending on how lazy you are).

I felt so powerful. In an instant images of different dudes popped up, varying from muscular sporty type to an Asian doing selfie or a classic guy in front of Machu Pichu. There are also Viet girls aging 19 and Viet boys either look very young or very smart. I can “like”, “super like” or just swipe  over, “Nanh, next. next”. It is very much like a buffet. Sometimes I have 20 matches in hand (and same with others), so when 1 candidate sends me a message and says something like

Hi. Nice to meet you”

I don’t answer anymore. I think it would take time, so I just swipe =)))

When  sb likes me back, we are “matched” and the conversation can be initiated.

I had 2 conversations last night in which my role was switched dramatically

In Tinder, you either neg or be negged.

The first guy was Vietnamese, 30 something, working in an enterprise something, and he started by asking me about my hobbies, then we moved on to talked about psychology – flow, workaholism.Hmm, my field. I dominated the conversation until he said


and I was like “WHATTTTT??????”

When I went to Tinder I expect to charm people you know, ha ha. Rejection is out of expectation. That moment I like Incredible Hulking screaming. No, two, two incredible Hulk screaming next to an active volcano. Hmm, Now I am not only bored but also angry, if that combination turns to something, it will be called revenge.


The next one is Belgium. He started by telling me

“You are an introvert”

What? Introvert? Me?

Yes, you are smart, but I am way smarter than you

Then he started to analyze my pictures (In Tinder, you are allowed to choose 5 pictures to represent yourself). This might be his 100th time doing this because words flow our of his mouth as smoothly as silk. After 2 minutes, I realize that I hate people, according to him.

“Now, analyze me. Impress me”

“Bla bla”

“Just that? I am so disappointed. I am bored. Bye”

I was left hanging after 2nd rejection, which makes me think that the app is super interesting. You might get a date, a conversation, a rejection, a great person (like me), or an asshole. It is full of suprises.

tải xuống

You know how interesting and ridiculous era we are living in? Love at first swipe.

Save me. Cloud Trifle.

teh cool character

I am here babe.

Kill them all for me.

Yes, ma’am.


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