“Dear John”- when Tatum was kept in a cage

A perfect looking brown hair guy with the shape of captain America (just that he is better, the well known Chaning Tatum of Step Up) fell in love with a perfect blond girl. They do not kiss even at the 2nd date because they need to wait to a rain to fall in the middle of no where to maximize its cheesiness. She does not smoke nor drink (and of course never sleeps around), charms his dad and basically everyone around him. Above all, she is altruistic yet possessing the eyes of a seducer.

The day before he went back to army is the first time they argued with each other. Not really, he jumped furiously over the difference between the word “autistic” & “retarded”. Together they form a pink and romantic passive aggressive couple.

Here is one of their conversations

“Do you have any fault?
Well I do curse.
I never heard it.
It is in my mind” =)))))

How can it be worse? One of the most boring films I have ever watched =))))

Channing oi u r born to be wild, not to be cheesy !


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