On freedom

People talk a lot about freedom. Actually, there is no absolute freedom, forget about it.

We are limited physically and intellectually by what a human being is able which increases then decreases and vanish as we age. Then we have to follow certain life code of the culture and society we live in. In a closer level, we are bound by politics in a nation/ organization/ family. We depend so much on each other. Thinking there is an absolute freedom is an illusion and maybe, maybe freedom is not that good after all (regulations are there to maintain a healthy stability of an entity).

Sometimes we rebel, thinking we are getting closer to “freedom” just to realize that we are never out of that limit. Rebellion is never the key, and more often than not, will lead to despair and cognitive dissonance.

However as a human being, expanding the ability to think/ act within that limit is satisfying. One of the first step is realizing who we are trying to impress and how much we change to impress others. We may like or love somebody, but that’s it. How much should we trade off to impress them, and should we do so in the first place?

We can also expand our freedom by being more aware of the politics going on. Who is controlling our nation/ organization/ family? What are they doing? How is that affecting us? What is the dynamics? Can we do anything about it? Well, we can exploit it if we want to.

We should try to be more beautiful/ more intelligent/ more considerate because we want to, not because that will impress anyone. Ironically, in the process of doing that, we attract others as well. How easy & simple.


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