Good enough is enough

“This paragraph is too academic”

“Yes, it is from a research team of British Embassy”

“It is not very approachable, don’t you think?”

“That’s right. We should turn it into a more attractive story telling form”.

We still need to have some content first and something is better than nothing

Hmm, agree. Can polish it later

This is one of the conversations I had recently with my brother/ team member. Having all materials and ideas in mind, we are eager to bring out the best we can offer, turning things into a refined, perfect product. Nevetheless, with a perfect working setting and cooperative mindset, things still can jumble.

I believe that most of the time, momentum is more important than perfection. .


There is nothing wrong with chasing perfection. By focusing on details, we enhance customer experience. Twisting a bit in design or furniture part reflects the delicate taste of product developers.

New pottery set of Little Cat Ba for tradional set and hotpots

The thing is, we do not buy those pottery sets right from start. Before lovely pottery cups are there to be put on the table, there must be standard sets to serve customers. Starting with basics is the only way momentum is built to prosper.

Somehow this reminds me of Yoga on the beach session organized by Asia Outdoors. After 1,5 hours of practicing, I turned to the instructor

Yoga on the beach organized by Asia Outdoors with a real special vibe

“The lanterns are so beautiful. How do you make it”

Then not waiting for her to answer, I looked inside. I was struck to realize that those beautiful lanterns are made from very simple stuff and anyone can find, yet the effect is so impressive.



Because we can always turn the good into the great later.


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