Karma in digital age

Yesterday I read an article in New York Times and decided to stalk the author. Why? Cause it is so easy, all it takes is typing the name of a person in Facebook, so, why not? Access to more information.

Today on coming back to office, I got 2 friend requests, one from a random man who claims he works for NASA. “Another predator”, I thought, then cheekily I click okay. The conversation goes in a very typical way

Nasa man – Hello how are you?
Me – I am fine.
Nasa man – Very nice to meet you.
Me – (Gosh this is going forever, and I just had a super long riding day with a group of 7 and a small child to tag along. No time for text play)
Me- Hey, are you looking for a lover? If you do, I already have one.
Nasa man – You mean on Internet?
Me- No I mean for real.
Nasa man- You have another one on the Internet?
Me- No they are the same. The real one and virtual one are the same person.
Nasa man- You mean in Facebook? Have you met him yet?
Me- Unfriend me.
Nasa man- Okay I want to be a friend. Hey do you have any beautiful nice looking friend like you who speaks English? I used to work for NASA and used to be a project manager of bla bla bla.

Actually my main purpose of accepting then unfriending that one is to write this story. Mission accomplished. Maybe next time I am gonna play a bit further.


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