Independence and Interdependence

Interdependence is the source of both bliss and confusion. In fact, it is neither. It is simply a chain of all living creatures affecting each other in many ways. When that influence goes our way it is perceived as bliss, otherwise it is confusion.

Independence is overrated and simply a state of mind to cope with the chaos caused by Interdependence.

The source of this thought? Right now I am waiting for a waitress to call her accountant to create a red invoice I am supposed to get yesterday. My flight is in the afternoon. The accountant might tell me the invoice is not ready yet and my flight may change. Among all those factors is me standing on a street of Saigon typing these words. I depend on them and each of them depend on somebody else
The independent state I can create comes from the acknowledgement of that dependence. Afterwards, I can optimize factors I can control.

My perception of what I depend on others and what I can control is often wrong due to information deficit.

Arrrh, actually, forget about this rambling. I am in a shop right now so independence or inter stuff no longer matters =)))


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