What is this ?

A cyber black hole. A thought storage.

For a curious, messed-up person, with all universal questions as anyone else and at the same time, very peculiar to herself.

People change everyday, for better or worse. I want to record all those lively vibrancy while I still can, to be surprised, sad, happy, innocent, kind, cruel, generous, mean, skeptical, compassionate as I truly am at different times of my life. I want to step out of it and see the patterns which influence and make me who I am, may it be people, illusions, paradigm shifts, stupid mistakes, books, movies. Or, once in a while, a “wow” factor.

Even if the conclusion might be “Life doesn’t make sense at all”, self-journal and reflection will never be what I regret to invest time and effort on.

I am looking for a space to release inner thoughts and would be great if you find that voice speak to you.

If not? I don’t care ha ha. Okay, I actually do 🙂

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