The appeal of Art Parasite

Some collages inspired or simply assembled from Art Parasite, using a website named Canvas.


I found artparasite Instagram as a great source for art and poetry. In general, the site deals with love, vulnerability, intimacy, loneliness, nature, self-harm, disconnection.A collage of good illustrations accompanied with powerful words that encourage us to reflect on our feelings despite of their ugly forms and figures.The site gained the fame probably because they are topics our generation can relate to – universal matters presented in a contemporary language. Art strikes us in a personal way since each individual project himself differently from what those patterns present. The same words ring different vibes in our hearts, which is what makes it so moving.


“I couldn’t relate to Art Parasite around 1 year ago.
Now everything is so vivid.
I know I’ve grown mentally
And I am happy about it”