What I learn from mentoring English

Lots of interesting things gained from preparing English materials for my brother. Now I start to feel less bored. Instead of thinking this task as dumbing my English, I think about how would he feel watching those videos and because of that, trying to collect the best ones that fit his current level. Easy enough not to overwhelm but interesting enough to challenge. Teaching and mentoring also helps me to feel less useless, that at least I am not a lump of meat fooling around. Anything even a little mentoring gives me a sense of purpose, even though sometimes it’s just illusion. To do that, just start from what I am good at, no need to look further.

Aside from movies, random interviews done by Real English are a good source to learn. For example when you ask a random person:

“- What do you do for a living?
– Is that your dream job?
– No.”

Of course it’s impossible to have 8 billion people in the world all having their dream job. Job market is not about dreams but the law of supply and demands, in which skills beat aspirations, requiring a combination of skills, timing, connections, luck and the candor to fight for what you are about (if you are lucky enough to know what that is). Yet thinking about it, more than 90% of people are doing something they are not happy about, or at least not what they yearn to spend time for. It’s pretty sad.

Am I having my dream job?
Not exactly but there are some core elements that it can satisfy at least for now. Will keep asking.So the answer is NO. And I will keep looking.