Benefits of coffee ground

Coffee or caffein is controversial. As a favorite drink of the world for thousand years, it addicts us with velvet aroma and boost in energy (or cortisol level). At the same time, people who are against it blame addictive consumption habit and added sugar among other reasons why people should quit coffee once and forever.

Nevertheless, coffee drinking has been an unseparable culture and among various way, filtering coffee is one simple and effective method to maximize its aroma and health benefits. What we might forget is after filtering coffee, the ground left should not be tossed into trashbin. In hotels and Airb’n’B accomodation like Little Cat Ba, we keep these organic “waste” to turn it into organic substance, health and beauty enhancer. Here is why.

Scientifically, coffee ground is high in acidity level, contains numerous organic chemicals. The caffein in coffee ground is a natural antioxidant. How can that be applied in daily lives?

Coffee ground for gardeners


Coffee ground will add organic materials into the soil and help the trees absorb more nutrions. The caffein in the coffee helps scare away some kinds of pests and bugs. Chemically, coffee ground adds more introgen into the soil and it is ideal for soil which is low in acidity level.

For your loving furry pets

If we add water with coffee ground, the result is a liquid that helps moisturize and make the fur of your favorite friend much more healthier. Some harmful vermin that live inside the thick fur will be scared away as well.

Even if when your pet’s fur is as spiky as this hedgehog, coffee ground will do ^^

To mosturize your hair

After all, what’s the difference between out hair and that cute hedgehod’s fur? Well, maybe the main difference is just our level of attention. Recently I use cold beer as a treatment after shampoo but after finding out that we have a substantial dose of coffee ground everyday, I thought “Well, why not?”

Coffee ground is only suitable with dark color hair, used as a mosturizer to help it glow. We mix it with hot water and rinse over the head for around 20 minutes.

For a better skin


With skin there are three main reasons why coffee ground is good. Caffeein acts as an anti-oxidant element – helps neutralize the effects of free radicals, which can damage the inner layer of skin. It also helps to remove dirt more easily so can be used as face cleaner. In massage places, coffee scrub is very benefitial for skin with cellulite by squeezing it to  release toxins and fats held in the skin.

An odor super solution


The pleasant aroma in coffee beans make them perfect to put in small bags and used as gifts or hang in front of taxies.

After being filtered, the srubs (or ground) of these beans in turn absorb bad smell and therefore often used as a super odor solution.

Double function

For my eyes, for your eyes

I was incredibly bored and unproductive. So I thought, hmm, why not push it to the next level of boredom, so I can be productively bored and taste a bit of flow state, which is a better alternative than rumination 🙂

After deleting my photos due to Moodswing, I decide to collect photos of beauties and put into one compilation. They are real people but in this album, they are not. Not really. Some are famous and some are random. I judge them. I label them. So what?

Yesterday a friend told me he is sick of people treating him for somebody is not, other than a normal person. Well, we all do, don’t we? What is wrong with wanting to be somebody else? To get a taste of the unusual?

If we waste time on internet, let’s waste it with style with people we cannot take our eyes off. Let me guide you in a journey of fantasy, nostalgia, stories & diversity.😉

The classic beauty

This is Amber Heard. I think she must be the most charming woman out there. She doesn’t need to smile and can kill people with any lipstick color. She can be an angel, a warrior, a vampire, or a mermaid. The kind of bad-ass lady who just needs to show up, and she will fill up the atmosphere with character.

I am about to watch her interviews, but then I thought “The moment I hear her voice I would hate her”, so I decide to stop and just immerse in this fun idealizing because real people, even real beautiful ones are boring.

If she is a boss, we can endure that, huh?

Amber says she is a rebel. Normally rebels need to wear rebel clothes and show some posture to speak to the world “Hey, I don’t care”. Right? This one will just need to wake up and stare at you and in a moment you will melt and agree “Okay, whatever u wanna claim yourself”.


The rebel

the rebel

Do you see the stark similarity between Kristen Steward & Amber Heard? They should be sisters. I think Amber Heard is a smooth combination of Scarlett Johansson , Kristen Steward and Jessica Alba. She is a good reason for girls to go lesbian.

The bad boy with hazing gaze

male model

This one looks like the macho king in Games of Thrones, but of course, much smaller.  The macho king in Thrones is ridiculously big that he should not be real.

But our man is different. With ripped open black leather jacket and wet medium-length hair, this guy should not be allowed in this world.


The sexy Bald


I think bald are incredibly sexy. However, there is a dead point: make sure you have a perfect symmetrical face, mesmerizing gaze, long thick eye brown and just-enough beard. In a click, that person looks like a prodigy.

Hard? Then give up the idea of shaving your head 😉

The depressing Caucasian Kid

the depressing kid

Do you know why we are attracted to bad people? Because somehow they look very complicated. There must be something in that head, when you are out in the sun with hair flowing freely.

Arrh, that ring necklace too.

The sexy Asian

Black sexy Asian with loose & tight black jacket

When Kurt Cobain plays violin

Is this Kurt Cobain? NO, hell no. This is David Garrett, a model and talented violinist from Germany, with the sexiness of Italians.

Check out his amazing violin of November Rain



The world is not fair is it? I know I know 🙂

 The game character to go gay for

teh cool character

If you haven’t know yet, This is Cloud Strifle. I think Linh Tran must have taken the inspiration from Cloud for his cool profile pic (Anyway, good job man, u are nearly there 😉 )

In real life, a hair like this will require a lot of gel. It will be stiff and just pointed all the time, but in Final Fantasy, cloud lets his hair fall in cloud as well. A lot of young Asians try to adopt this style after the fame of the game but most of them failed. Big time.

Of course, he is designed to be a hero with mysteries and dark secrets, who chases the female character but was not chosen. He is destined to be strong yet vulnerable, and never happy.

The French philosopher

EPSON scanner image

Now 67, so this is Benard Henri Levy in his 20s. Considered to be one of the most prominent intellectual in France today, he may be the motivation for women to explore continential philosphy.

Maria Ozawa


For people with yellow fever.

Maria Ozawa is a Japanese sex figure but she does not look too Japanese. This charming woman is half Jap, half French.

Other than that, her real life is both interesting and depressing. As a porn star reaching 30s now, her prime is over.

Bicycle Babe


U better just stand there and not ride

The Chinese Classic


China/ Hongkong has many beauties. This is Zhang Zhi Di, with her sword, black soft dress and tears in her eyes while that black long hair is being consoled by the wind in a jungle of autumn leaves.

Her love was killed at that moment, and she just had killed somebody else too. Guess who?

Once a beauty, always a beauty

jessica 2

It is hard to create a compilation without Jessica Alba. Rose to fame with Dark Angel, I remember the childhood days of sticking face to TV screen every 6 PM just for her to show up and say whatever, even frowning like this.

The older she gets, the more charming she becomes.

Why am I still fat and metabolism

Life is not fair – Thin, fat and metabolism

Weight has always been my obsession since early age. The critical point was when I high school.

High school, yeah the period of insecure self-image and peer comparison. I never dared to wear jeans because of big legs, jealous of rising female school beauty stars. But that is pretty much everyone of us. I just went a bit further out of stupidity spectrum. One day, after a binge-eating evening, I looked at mirror realizing that Doaremon is actually not fiction. Too depressed with that fact, I held my face, decided to skip classes to…go to the jungle behind my house in the countryside so that I do not have to see anyone else, including my parents on that day and returning home exactly at usual off-class hours. That actually happened. :)))

Of course, when I got out of the jungle, nothing changed: my face still looked like a Chinese Bun.

fat face


However, other than observing anxiously if my pants get looser to sign a relief, or my face gets chubbier to get anxious, I have never really did any researching to break down some very health principles. Why do some people lose weight easier than others? Why some gain weight easily and need constant exercise increase (energy)  yet some east like elephants but remain slim?

Why? Why ? I just wanna cry. Then I found out the criminal called metabolism

Metabolism – who are you?

Metabolism is a criminal. He must be born in Greece because his original name is “Metabole” which means “Change” in Greek. He is a change agent in our body. He can be friend or foe. You better be friend of him.

What are you doing to my body?

We can compare human body with a car. Just that we are more efficient than internal combustion engines because our muscles can turn chemical energy into work without making our body hotter than the external environment.

A car takes up petrol to run the moving engines and exhales fume, while us humans take up food for physical and mental activities.

Sim­ply put, metab­o­lism is the body’s way of con­vert­ing food into energy, and then using that energy to sus­tain and build the body.


Crash Course did an excellent video (by which I mean videos I can understand ha ha) about metabolism. I find no better way then breaking it down to help me understand.

                    Our body needs energy for physical and mental activities. So we need input (Food)1. Food

To turn food into energy, our body need chemical reactions

There are 2 kinds of chemical reactions

catabolic reaction

anabolic reaction

Still confused aren’t you? Forget about this bolicikik term, we can just consider it as this: to build something (anabolic reactions), we need to demolish something (catabolic reactions)

Together with digestive system, these processes make up metabolism



funny 2

Do skinnier people have higher metabolism?

To be fair there are people with opposite concerns: they seem to burn energy so fast that they are underweight constantly. But I am not one of them so I do not care.

What makes the difference is not body weight but the muscles in your body. Relatively speaking, bigger people also have more muscles inside the body (other than fat) so we burn a lot of calories while at rest. So it iis not metabolism to blame. What nobody wants to admits is that us fat people tend to underestimate the amount of food we consume (maybe due to psychological self-deception)

Other than this, there are so many factors that define our metabolism, body type, some overactive gland. If we smoke or under stress, we also burn calories faster (that is why smokers gain weight after they quit smoking).


How to boost metabolism

So it boils down to the main question, how do we boost our metabolism in 3 main areas of life energy channel: energy intake (food), rest and activities?


Due to laziness, I decide to copy this inforgraphic from Shutterstock. Maybe some of the tips are myths too ha ha but for now, I want to believe they are true ^^


This topic is worth digging deeper because it will linger forever, until we die.