What to watch when I am bored with TED

After a tiring day meeting too many people in a hospitality context (aka smile when u don’t feel like it), I put myself in a secluded space and at that moment words like “focus”, “rest”, “multitasking” popped up.

Browsing Youtube gave me a TED video about multitasking topic. After 5 mins I feel so bored and tired. TED speakers try too hard sometimes, I think.

Of course most of the talks are very inspiring, presented by experts in particular fields. However being an expert is way too different from being a good presenter. Sometimes the talks are just too polished and speakers are so stiff trying to be natural.

They try hard to lead in with a supposed-to-be captivating story and end up with a bold supposed-to-change-the-world sentence. Audience kinda expect that too. We know we are gonna be “wowed” so when that actually happen we don’t feel a thing.

In a sense that’s like a film spoiler: it makes things less fun).

So I turned to this video from Business Insider channel. Loved it


Short, practical tips and analysis to apply in work and daily life (more of a white collar US working context, yet still useful).

Travel nomads, therefore, may not like the channel. But whatever who cares?