Listening (D.H. Lawrence (1885–1930))

I LISTEN to the stillness of you,
  My dear, among it all;
I feel your silence touch my words as I talk,
  And take them in thrall.
My words fly off a forge      
  The length of a spark;
I see the night-sky easily sip them
  Up in the dark.
The lark sings loud and glad,
  Yet I am not loth 
That silence should take the song and the bird
  And lose them both.
A train goes roaring south,
  The steam-flag flying;
I see the stealthy shadow of silence 
  Alongside going.
And off the forge of the world,
  Whirling in the draught of life,
Go sparks of myriad people, filling
  The night with strife.
Yet they never change the darkness
  Or blench it with noise;
Alone on the perfect silence
  The stars are buoys.

Rymth game

Broken blues


A broken soul
A beating heart
Singing blues


Ripping heart 

(Until I think of a better title =)) )

Rip a heart into million pieces
Then glue it again.
A destructive agent
Hurt to prove a point.
Or to prove nothing.


A weary actress

Trying so hard to not think
Rocket beams of thoughts
No more time to sleep
Wide eyes are open.
U are awake.
Where to find energy
For a burdened heart?
I am an actress
Who refuses to act
But audience are waiting.
And there is no way to escape