Benefits of coffee ground

Coffee or caffein is controversial. As a favorite drink of the world for thousand years, it addicts us with velvet aroma and boost in energy (or cortisol level). At the same time, people who are against it blame addictive consumption habit and added sugar among other reasons why people should quit coffee once and forever.

Nevertheless, coffee drinking has been an unseparable culture and among various way, filtering coffee is one simple and effective method to maximize its aroma and health benefits. What we might forget is after filtering coffee, the ground left should not be tossed into trashbin. In hotels and Airb’n’B accomodation like Little Cat Ba, we keep these organic “waste” to turn it into organic substance, health and beauty enhancer. Here is why.

Scientifically, coffee ground is high in acidity level, contains numerous organic chemicals. The caffein in coffee ground is a natural antioxidant. How can that be applied in daily lives?

Coffee ground for gardeners


Coffee ground will add organic materials into the soil and help the trees absorb more nutrions. The caffein in the coffee helps scare away some kinds of pests and bugs. Chemically, coffee ground adds more introgen into the soil and it is ideal for soil which is low in acidity level.

For your loving furry pets

If we add water with coffee ground, the result is a liquid that helps moisturize and make the fur of your favorite friend much more healthier. Some harmful vermin that live inside the thick fur will be scared away as well.

Even if when your pet’s fur is as spiky as this hedgehog, coffee ground will do ^^

To mosturize your hair

After all, what’s the difference between out hair and that cute hedgehod’s fur? Well, maybe the main difference is just our level of attention. Recently I use cold beer as a treatment after shampoo but after finding out that we have a substantial dose of coffee ground everyday, I thought “Well, why not?”

Coffee ground is only suitable with dark color hair, used as a mosturizer to help it glow. We mix it with hot water and rinse over the head for around 20 minutes.

For a better skin


With skin there are three main reasons why coffee ground is good. Caffeein acts as an anti-oxidant element – helps neutralize the effects of free radicals, which can damage the inner layer of skin. It also helps to remove dirt more easily so can be used as face cleaner. In massage places, coffee scrub is very benefitial for skin with cellulite by squeezing it to  release toxins and fats held in the skin.

An odor super solution


The pleasant aroma in coffee beans make them perfect to put in small bags and used as gifts or hang in front of taxies.

After being filtered, the srubs (or ground) of these beans in turn absorb bad smell and therefore often used as a super odor solution.

Double function